Information Architecture, as it relates to websites, is the art and science of organizing and presenting information so that is easy to access by the target audience. ClickBert was founded on the belief that through the best practices of information architecture, we could develop sites that are easy to navigate, inviting to read, and helpful to the user. We also believe that businesses and organizations want their web presence to enhance their stature in the public eye.

We offer full site setup, design, hosting, maintenance and site migration. If needed, we will acquire a domain name for your business or organization. We can coordinate photographers, graphic designers, writers, and programmers as required by the scope of your project. We can maintain your site after it is up and running, or teach you how to do it yourself. We promote your site by submitting relevant information to the major search engines.

We have between us over 30 years experience in design, writing, editing, and information technology. Our basic philosophy regarding web pages can be summed up thusly: design must enhance content, not overwhelm it. Knowing which features, layout, or graphics are needed to present content is critical to the success of a web page as a conveyor of information.

Our fees? We normally charge $50.00 per hour but we are very flexible about the rate depending upon the nature of the project. Our hosting fee is normally $120.00 per year which includes a moderate level of site maintenance along with a wide variety of popular server software packages (Apache web server, MySQL, mail server, remote login, file transfer and server-side scripting languages such as Python, PHP and Perl), several web-based applications including calendar, Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, discussion and chat, and a full-featured web log analyzer to provide insight into the traffic visiting the hosted site. This fee too, is flexible depending upon various factors such as the number of sites you host with us. Contact us, we’d be happy to discuss your web site needs.

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Jennifer Hinger
Summit, NJ

Ken Kurlychek
Bradenton, FL